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Astrological ignorance is like walking in a dark tunnel where you do not know what to expect on the journey, or worse, what might happen at the next junction. Astrology gives us the tools to bring light to this tunnel and navigate it successfully. It is through your astrological chart that you can determine if now is a favourable time to take a risk, start a new venture or even commence a new relationship. It gives you peace of mind and prevents you questioning decisions and panicking when life is not going according to your “plan”.

Apart from an in-depth analysis of your horoscope, regular yearly analysis should be conducted on your birthday. This consultation helps you to properly plan the coming year- to be aware of any pitfalls and the positive times. It helps you make informed decisions and make the right choices. This service will teach you about the planet placements and ‘Dasha’ (period) in the coming year which will assist in making your year successful and happy. This consultation should be treated as an investment for your future.

You will need your date of birth, place of birth and the time of birth for this analysis to be conducted.


Birth Time Sources

For any Vedic Astrology consultation you need to know the time of your birth. If you do not know this, I suggest that you ask your parents for at least for an approximate indication, such as late afternoon or early morning. Another source of birth time information, are hospital medical records, which are retained in their Archives Department. It would be useful to write to this department, even in England, as birth time is recorded in the medical notes. The hospital may charge about 10-15 GBP for this service.


Our Services

The following lists some of the consultations that we provide. After you decide what kind of service you want you can contact us for more information.

Horoscope readings for the purpose of answering important questions about your life, either about events that have occurred or are yet to happen; the timing of such events and so on.


In-Depth Horoscope Analysis

1In-Depth Horoscope Analysis (Up to 40 Minutes)

Brief Horoscope Analysis

2Brief Horoscope Analysis (Up to 20 Minutes)

Vastu and Feng-Shui

3Vastu and Feng-Shui consultation of any property (property visit in required)




4Finding the best day & time (Muhurta) to commence an activity, such as marriage or starting a new business.

Gem / Mantra Therapy

5To get advice on suitable Gem stone or Mantra for any issue related to any area in your life such as Job, Marriage, Finance, Family, Health.

All consultation except Vastu & Feng-Shui can be done over phone, email or Skype.  For Vastu& Feng-Shui consultation, a visit to the property is essential to examine everything inside and outside the property carefully.


1. In-depth Horoscope Analysis (Up to 40 Minutes)

The in-depth consultation deals with major areas of your life;it’s past, present and future indications and major points in life. It covers important areas of life such as relationships, career, health, finances, creativity and children. It uncovers the favourable & not so favourable periods of your life in relation to these areas. You will also be advised the most suitable Gem/Mantra as per your horoscope, and explained the role of it in relation to the area of your life which it should improve. This consultation lasts up to 40 minutes. To get the maximum benefit from the reading it is advisable you think about the set of questions you want to ask.




2. Brief Horoscope Analysis (Up to 20 Minutes)

Brief analysis of your horoscope covers only one area of your life. This could be any of your choosing such as relationships, career, health, finances, creativity, children or any other area of your choice. Your selected area will be fully covered including past, present and future trends. You will also be advised the most suitable Gem/Mantra as per your horoscope related to this area.  This consultation lasts up to 20 Minutes.  Here are some details about these consultations –

Personal Finance Consultation: If you are interested to unlock the secrets of your financial health, saving, debts, earning and wealth or if you are worried about your current financial situation then this type of consultation is for you. Vedic Astrology has specific planets, houses in the horoscope to show the quality and also quantity of your wealth. There are specific times (Dasha) when creating wealth is easier and favourable and there are some times when it’s next to impossible. You can maximize your wealth creation efforts if you know about the favourable period;and also you can use some Vedic Astrology remedies if your time (Dasha) is not favourable. This consultation is not for any type of financial advice but it will help you to make right choices at the right time in this area.

Relationship Compatibility& Family: Understanding a human’s nature and mind-set in a few, perhaps two or three, meetings is very difficult, if not impossible. I feel Vedic Astrology is a particularly beautiful tool which we can use to understand a person and get detailed information about the person, which is very difficult even after many, many meetings. Horoscopesare the mirror images of a person; they very clearly indicate what type of person someone is, what are their strengths and weaknesses, any health issues etc. Vedic Astrology suggests chart comparison to find out the compatibility, it also indicates if both horoscopes complement each other to make a perfect couple or they are in any way incompatible. In India horoscope comparison is still the first step for match making, a technique I believe to be scientific and very accurate in terms of finding compatibility.

As per Vedic Astrology, happiness within a family depends on many factors such as horoscope of wife & husband, time period (dasha) and the relative effect of other horoscopes such as their children on them. In hard times people often wonder about these situations and make hasty decisions. However, if they are aware of their astrological placement and time period (Dasha) then they can make far more well informed decisions. This consultation is not a type of family counselling session but rather one to assist you in making the right decisions at difficult times in your life.

Medical Astrology: As I mentioned above, a horoscope is the mirror image of a person,In fact, you could go one step further by saying that a horoscope is a mirror image of the whole human body including all its illnesses, defects and also its soul. As per Indian Astrology all humans can be divided into three types – Kapha (Water) ,Vata (Air) and Pitta (Fire).  All these types have their houses, major and minor planets and their placement in these houses. Horoscope can be analysed to find out the onset of any particular disease and associated issues. You will be given tips on how to avoid problems related to these diseases based on your horoscope, we will also suggest Gems and Mantras to overcome critical phases of any diseases and to avoid its ill effects.

Job and Career: In simple terms we can say that Vedic Astrology has specific planets, “nakshatra” and houses for different types of profession. Horoscope can be used to check various combinations and conduct calculations to find the best suited occupation /job and any hurdles that exist before you are able to achieve this. There are time periods (Dahsa) in the horoscope which deem it suitable to get a job/work and there are also some difficult periods (like Shani Sade Sati) in which things can get very difficult.  If a person is aware of these time periods then he/she can makeinformed decisions and plan their career better. In this consultation we will advise you with a suitable career/profession for you, if there are any hurdles with time period, and a suitable time to start a new work. You will also be advised Gems and Mantras to overcome difficulties faced in this area.

Varshaphal (Annual Consultation): Horoscope is the only source of light in the dark tunnel of life full of uncertainties. Vedic Astrology system is based on the Dasha system, in which there is main cycle of planets (Maha-Dasha), within the main cycle of each planet there is another cycle of planets (Anter-Dasha) and so on. By doing this we can reach up to every day/hour and minute of this Dasha system. With the help of Horoscope we find out the nature of each time period for different areas like relationships, career, health, finances, creativity, children. This consultation will help to plan your year in advance. It will tell you the general nature of the period, including the positive and negative events. You will also be advised suitable Gem and Mantras for a complete year so you can easily deal with the issues you face during it.




3. Vastu and Feng-Shui consultation of any property

Vastu& Feng-Shui is about the surrounding and their influence on our life. Its principles establish to create a harmony between the five elements viz. Air, Sky, Fire, Water and Earth in the environment.Utilization of such energies gives us peace, pleasure, and prosperity in our life. Vastu& Feng-Shui can be used for any room, any house, any temple, any shop/industry, town and cities. This consultation requires a close analysis of the place and its surroundings. You will be given suitable instructions for surrounding of the property (entry, exit, front, back, left & right), each room in the property, placement of items in the property, auspicious directions for all day to day activities.




4. Muhurta (Electing the Auspicious Time)

Muhurta is essential part of Vedic Astrology tradition. Things done at an auspicious time have greater chance of success. We can help you to find a suitable time for any important event in your life such as starting anew business, job, surgery, marriage or a house warming.

‘”What is done at an auspicious moment results in happiness. What is done at a negative moment brings unhappiness” PrashnaMarga. Chap 1 Verse 38

This consultation will help you to select the right time for the event so that you get little, if any, obstructions in achieving your desired results. This consultation is done with the help of Vedic Panchanga (Ephemery).

Panch means five Anga means limbs. Panchanga means the five limbs of the day and it is the Indian ephemeris, which takes into account the five sources of energy that support each day. The essence of the Panchanga is how the Sun and Moon relate to each day. Panchang of the day affects our temperament, emotions and nature. It can give added information about who we are and how we feel. It can strengthen the effect of the planets and give us additional qualities that we may not understand purely through the natal chart.

5. Gem Stone/Mantra Therapy

There are Gem/Mantras to improve various areas of one’s life. We can suggest Gems/Mantra

– To overcome critical phases of any disease and to avoid its ill effects.
– To improve career progress
– For a better relationship within family and friends
– For your peace of mind
– To improve one’s fortune &wealth



120 GBP

In-depth analysis of Horoscope (up to 40 Mins)

60 GBP

Brief analysis of Horoscope (up to 20 Mins)

Starts from 120 GBP

Vastu and Feng-Shui consultation of any property

25 GBP

Muhurta (Election timing) advice

40 GBP

Gem Stone / Mantra Therapy




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