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Feng Shui



Feng Shui means the creating a balance between universal energy which is known as “Chi” or a life force. Feng is “wind” and Shuiis “water”; and a fine balance between the wind and the water creates the energy chi.

The chi in controlled manner is very much needed as it helps in achieving the positive things;restore peace and harmony in one’s life. The energy around us reorganizes into our environment, multiply in itself whether in a good or bad form and continues to flow freely. Two type of chi which exists are:

Positive or good energy – This is also known as “Sheng Chi”, formed by the balance between the wind and the water. It restores good fortune, prosperity, happiness, luck, and good health in the native life.

Negative or bad energy – This is also known as “Sha or Sher or Si Chi”, formed by an imbalance between the wind and the water. It brings hardship, struggle, constrain, and unhappiness in the one’s life.






Other form of energy is Yin Yang and is usually represented by two opposite energies. They always exist in dual form, interrelated and dependant on one other. Excess of yin or yang can create chaos in one’s life.

• Yin primarily represents shady place, black color, night, wet form, and is a receptive form of energy. It is supportive, nurturing and yielding. The excess of yin can cause stagnation and isolation.

• Yang represents sunny place, white color, day, solid form, and is the active form of energy. It is a creative, aggressive and dominating. The excess of yang can be destructive causing agitation.




In nature, chi manifests in five forms of elements. The five elementsare fire, earth, wood, water and metal. All these elements interact with each other in form of colors, in form of shapes, and in productive and destructive cycles in clockwise direction. The productive and destructive cycles of the five elements enhances or destroy chi energy. The positive productive cycle supporting the elements could be:



Fire → Earth → Metal → Water → Wood → Fire



Pa Kua



Pa Kua is an octagonal mirror bordered by eight major trigrams found in I-Ching.It comes three shapes asconvex, concave and ordinary mirror. It main purpose is to deflect the negative chi and protect the dwelling place.




There are four lucky,four unlucky, and one central direction based on the calculation of Pa-Kua number and can be determined with the help of fengshui compass known as bagua. The directions represent the activities which would be beneficial:

South – recognition, fame

Southwest – romance, relationships

West – creativity, children

Northwest –helpful people, travel

 North – career,opportunities

Northeast – knowledge, education

East – health, family

Southeast – wealth, fortune

Center – truthfulness, good faith



Basic Feng-Shui applications are

No sha chi should flow in the surrounding areas of the house.

Chi should flow freely to the front door and enter inside the house.

Chi entering the house should be increased with the placements of five elements in a positive productive cycle and placing the mirrors.

Place healthy growing plants, flowers and fruits inside the house.

Placement of the miniature water fountain can help in maintaining the Yin yang energies.

Harmonize the house with the appropriate colors along with suitable directions.

The presence of negative energy should be corrected by removing the clutters and destroying the negative productive cycle.

Sharp corners, stagnant water and broken objects should be removed.

The energy can be enhanced or eliminated by shifting the objects without destroying the structural building.


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